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The Most Powerful Curses Available

It is a little known secret that Akychi curses were developed over many hundreds of years to subvert their enemies.

Real witches will cast real curses for you!

Here are some of the very common requests for Casting Curses:

Binding Curse - This restricts and binds an individual from psychic attack. It may also prevent a person from harming others as well as them self.

Confusion Curse - Much like the befuddlement, this will cause confusion and uncertainty, depleting confidence and even the simplest things go wrong.

Control Curse - A form of psychic attack, that allows psychic control of an individual.

Crave Curse - Causing an irresistible urge and craving. An insatiable appetite for the unobtainable.

Destroy Enemy Curse - The purpose of this curse is to bring your enemy to their knees, filling them with an overwhelming sense of loss, fear, regret, and unhappiness.

Doomed-to-Fail Curse - This curse zeros in on partnerships, friendships, marriage, etc., causing monumental differences that can never be repaired.

Fear and Dread Curse - Brings a sense of dread and foreboding.

Frustration Curse - Makes every moment more frustrating.

Get-Even Curse - Much like the justice spell, only justice has nothing to do with this, its pure vendetta.

Haunting Curse - This will cause the person to be haunted by what they done, and may also cause various levels of haunting activity.

Heartbreak Curse - Causes depression, self-doubt, and heartbreak in your enemy who wishes they had never been born.

Inconvenience Curse - This will make day to day activity inconvenient and everything will get in the way at the wrong time.

Nightmare Curse - Promotes restless sleep, and very bad nightmares. In some cases has been known to cause dangerous insomnia, and sleep walking.

Suffering Curse - This spell is intended to bring suffering, and make the person generally miserable.

Preemptive Strike Curse - Request this curse when immediate and bold action is necessary. This curse blunts your enemy's effectiveness by depleting their energy and will.

Financial Ruin Curse - Causes disruption in your enemy's financial holdings and their ability to make money. This curse negatively affects their career and future earning power.

Twisted Mind Curse - Causes confusion, indecision, and unclear thinking. This curse affects your enemy in both personal and business affairs causing serious conflicts with friends, coworkers and loved ones.

The "Cancel" Curse Spell - Should you ever regret casting a Dark Curse on someone, this Spell will cancel one particular curse, thus sparing your enemy further grief.


Curse Testimonials

You're simply amazing Maria! I'm so happy and grateful for the curse you cast on XXXXX. It really worked!!! So who's laughing now??? Tyhank you again from the bottom of my heart -- Darlene, Texas

I think you are the best! I was skeptical at first but you are really great at what you do! Thanks so much for helping us out! -- Gina and Thom, Berlin

I am impressed by how much you care about what you do! Yes, revenge can be sweet. XXXXX deserves it... You have put energy, love and power back into my life. -- Robyn, Brisbane

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Quick Facts
- All spells and curses are customized according to your particular needs.
- Email your situation and your request details after ordering.
- Your spells will be completely customized to your situation.
- Your spells will not interfere with any existing spells or work done by other spell casters or healers.
- Your spells are completely safe and will not backfire or cause any harm.
- All information is confidential.
- Your spells are permanent and will not fade over time.

Deciding which Spell or Curse to order:

Either before or after placing your Order, please EMAIL me your situation details and I will craft the exact spell that meets your needs.

OR if you have found a spell which matches your needs, let me know which spell that is - but STILL we need to know your situation in as much detail as possible (photos are a help but not essential) so I can customize the curse or spell for YOU.



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